A metal oxide or hydroxide (base) which is soluble in water (exception: ammonium hydroxide - doesn't contain a metal).

Characteristics of alkalis:

  • Alkalis are soluble in water
  • Alkalis turn in litmus: blue, in phenolphthalein: pink, in methyl orange: yellow and in bromothymol blue: blue
  • Alkalis have a pH of more than 7
  • Alkalis conduct electricity when in solution (electrolytes)
  • Alkalis have the property to assimilate carbonic acid out of the air
  • Alkalis have the property to form soap and glycerin out of oils and fats
  • Alkalis are caustic
  • Alkalis have a strange acrid taste (don't check out :-P)
  • All alkalis contain a reactive hydrogen group(OH).1)
  • Alkalis are able to neutralize acids


  1. Bethell / Coppock, Chemistry Textbook
  2., translated into German English by the author :-P


annotation by the author: At a chemical formula usually at the end.
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